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YourEveryDayK9 2 Week “Off-Leash” Dog Training Program, Grand Island, NY

Advanced Dog Obedience Training On Grand Island, NY. This Is A Custom-Tailored 2 Week “Off Leash” Intensive Dog Obedience Training Program For Your Dog. Dogs From Anywhere In The Buffalo – Niagara Region Of Western New York Will Be Kenneled At Our Facility For The Duration Of The Program.


YourEveryDayK9, LLC Off-Leash Dog Training Services For Western New York


YourEveryDayK9 2 Week “Off-Leash” Dog Obedience Training Program

YourEveryDayK9, LLC - Dog Obedience Training, Buffalo-Niagara, WNY
Advanced Dog Obedience Training Programs

Initial Consultation
At YourEveryDayK9, we offer an Initial Consultation to you and your dog(s), subject to initial fee.

You will be invited to visit our facility for an evaluation where Chris Fiels will personally meet with you and your dog(s) in order to assess the type and extent of any behavioral issues that are concerning you.

We offer a range of Advanced Dog Obedience Training Programs, including “Off-Leash” training, that run for 2 weeks, 3 weeks, or 1 month and can help you decide if any of these programs might make sense for you and your best friend.

We also offer Foundational Obedience Training Programs, as well as Dog Rehabilitation Programs for resolving deep-seated behavioral issues.

At the end of your evaluation, Chris will be able to set realistic expectations and recommend the optimum program for you and your dog(s).

To Schedule Your Consultation, Call 716.387.4658, e-mail, Or Use Our Online Form


YourEveryDayK9 2 Week “Off-Leash” Advanced Dog Obedience Training Program Details

Your program will be custom-structured to fit any specific needs that your dog has. A typical 2 week program structure is presented below, and will require your animal to live in kennels at our dog training facility for the period of the course:

A Typical YourEveryDayK9 2 Week Advanced Dog Obedience Training Program

Step #





YourEveryDayK9 Facility


Chris Fiels Works With Your Dog(s)


YourEveryDayK9 Facility

1 hour

Owner & Dog Joint Training Session


YourEveryDayK9 Facility


Chris Fiels Works With Your Dog(s)


YourEveryDayK9 Facility

1 hour

Owner & Dog Joint Training Session


YourEveryDayK9 Facility


Chris Fiels Works With Your Dog(s)


Your Home Or YourEveryDayK9 Facility

1-2 hours

Owner & Dog Joint Review Session



Kennels & Equipment

During the time that your dog lodges in kennels at the YourEveryDayK9 facility, Chris will work with him/her both onsite and also at external locations, such as parks and stores, in order to expose your animal to appropriate behavior in the real world environment.

Your dog will be provided with all required equipment for safe and secure training, including:

  • His/Her Own Cot Bed
  • A Prong Collar
  • A 20ft Line
  • A Treat Pouch
  • An E-Collar


Intensive Obedience Training For Your Dog

Chris will work with you and your dog to make sure that you are prepared to reinforce good behaviors when your dog returns home.

Your Dog(s) will learn to obey the following commands:

  • Heel!
  • Place!
  • Sit!
  • Come!
  • (Lay) Down!
  • Out!


What You Will Learn & Go Home With

You will learn to properly use Activation Cues to get your dog interested in working through training exercises with you, and Calming Clues to settle your dog down and release him/her from training.

You will also learn to use Markers (words or signals that communicate to the dog that it is behaving correctly) and Follow Up with a food or other reward that will reinforce good behavior.

At the end of the program, your dog will return to your home with:

  • Significantly Improved Behavior
  • All His/Her Training Equipment
  • A Packet Of Step-By-Step Instructions For Using All The Commands & Equipment From The Program



YourEveryDayK9 Rehabilitation Programs are about understanding your dogs’ discomforts, reading their body language, and balancing out what is expected of them. There are times that we, owners and trainers, need to make sure we don’t overwhelm them or put them in situations they do not like.

Owners/handlers sending their dog(s) through any of our Rehabilitation Programs must understand there may be certain realities or limits for your specific dog. Every dog, and case are different; thus, we must put safety for others and our pets first.

All situations that your dog encounters in our Programs will be manageable, but some will require extra structure and awareness. We cannot make and/or force dogs to be social or extra friendly, but they will be expected to be tolerant and calm if put in situations they were once uncomfortable with.



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