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YourEveryDayK9 Dog Training & Boarding Services, Buffalo – Niagara Region Of WNY

Chris Fiels Offers A Range Of Expert Dog & Puppy Training Services At The YourEveryDayK9 Dog Training & Kennels Facility On Grand Island, NY, Centrally Located In The Buffalo – Niagara Region Of Western New York: Puppy Training Programs, Foundational & Advanced Obedience Training Programs, Dog Rehabilitation Programs, Dog Sports Training Programs, Dog Boarding Kennels


YourEveryDayK9, LLC Dog Training Services For Western New York


YourEveryDayK9 Dog Training Services

I offer a broad range of dog training services, all designed to help you and your best friend enjoy the happy companionship that every dog and owner really want in their lives. Here is a list of my most frequently requested services:

If you and your dog are seeking any other kind of dog training services we can certainly help, just give me a call to chat about you and your dog(s). I look forward to working with you both (or all).


Puppy Training Programs

YourEveryDayK9, LLC - Puppy Training, Buffalo-Niagara, WNY
Puppy Training For The Best Possible Start

Our Puppy Training Programs focus on creating a well-balanced relationship between owner and dog. Each program is broken down into a series of Sessions including introductory skill sets for young animals.

Every Puppy Training Session is designed to be fun and productive, and may be customized on-the-fly to fit the specific needs of your dog.

A typical Puppy Training Program includes the following skill sets:

  • Developing Muscle Memory
  • Recognizing Patterns
  • Understanding Basic Commands
  • Leash Work
  • Free-Shaping
  • Engagement Skills & Confidence Boosting Exercises
  • Kennel Training

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Foundational Obedience Training Programs

YourEveryDayK9, LLC - Foundational Dog Obedience Training Programs, Buffalo-Niagara, WNY
Foundational Dog Obedience Training Programs

Our Foundational Obedience Training Programs require your dog to kennel at our facility to work intensively with Chris Fiels in one of our Basic Commands (1week) or Intermediate Level (2 week) programs.

During the program, Chris will work with your dog in our facility and also off-site in real world locations.

We will work with your dog, and at the end of the program we will complete a 1-2 hour review session together.

A typical Foundational Obedience Program includes the following skills:

  • Obeying Basic Commands: Heel!, Place!, Sit!, Come!
  • Using Activation & Calming Cues
  • Using Markers & Feedback
  • Engagement Skills & Confidence Boosting Exercises
  • Kennel Training




Advanced Obedience Training Programs

YourEveryDayK9, LLC - Advanced Dog Obedience Training, Buffalo-Niagara, WNY
Dog Obedience Training

One of the greatest experiences for a dog and his/her owner, is when they both feel fully confident about their behavior in any situation.

YourEverDayK9s’ Advanced Obedience Training Programs are designed to provide you and your dog with the tools and skill set to take on your daily routines together with full confidence.

Every dog is different in it’s behavior and the rate at which it can take on new understanding. Some dogs may absorb advanced obedience skills rapidly, others may take a little longer. We offer programs of different lengths to accommodate just about any dog and owner.

Typical programs include:

  • Off Leash Proofing
  • Pet Friendly Establishments
  • Self-Control Around Other Dogs
  • Travel


Dog Rehabilitation Programs

YourEveryDayK9, LLC - Dog Behavior Modification Training, Buffalo-Niagara, WNY
Dog Socialization Training

Some dogs may develop uncontrollable deep-seated symptoms and behaviors such as fear, anxiety, aggression, prolonged barking, and/or a mixture of these issues. They may also “act up” in many other different ways, sometimes due to prior traumatic experiences, or sometimes due to very little life-experience altogether.

Common unnacceptable behaviors that dog owners frequently become most uncomfortable with include: lunging, growling and/or barking, biting, scratching, destruction of objects, cowering (away from people, objects, or specific places), shaking, etc.

All these issues can be addressed by attending our Dog Rehabilitation Program. After an Initial evaluation, (subject to a fee), at YourEveryDayK9, we will provide a realistic training program, custom-tailored to bring stability back to you and your dog’s life.

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Dog Sports Training Programs

YourEveryDayK9, LLC - Dog Sport Training, Buffalo-Niagara, WNY
Dog Sports Training

Don’t confuse your dogs’ bad behavior with an inability to listen. ALL dogs frequently need an outlet to release their built-up energy. Adding structured play in our Dog Sport Training Program will be a bond-building experience for you and your dog(s).

We can help you explore all possible sports that are well suited for you and your dog. Exploring a wide range of dog sports will provide a mental and physical workout for both of you!

  • Agility
  • Tricks
  • Scent Work
  • French / Mondio Ring Sport
  • Protection – Intro and Intermediate Bite Work – Including Tug, Wedge, Arm & Leg Sleeves…


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Dog Boarding Kennels

YourEveryDayK9, LLC - Dog Boarding Kennels, Buffalo-Niagara, WNY
Dog Boarding Services

When your dog comes to stay with us, he/she is an honored guest in our facility and will receive far more attention than at a typical traditional boarding kennel. We go far beyond the basics of providing nutritious food & drink and a clean kennel. YourEveryDayK9 Boarding Services include:

  • Social Interaction
  • One Private Training Session
  • am/pm Walk


To Find Out More: Call Chris Fiels At 716.387.4658, e-mail, Or Use Our Online Form



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