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Chris Fiels, Dog Trainer At YourEveryDayK9, LLC, Buffalo – Niagara Region, WNY

Chris Fiels Is Renowned As WNY’s Dog Whisperer. Specializing In Dog Behavior Modification, Advanced Obedience Training, Puppy Training, And Dog Sports Training. YourEveryDayK9, LLC Is Based On Grand Island, NY, Or Chris Can Work With Your Dog(s) In Your Home Anywhere In The Buffalo – Niagara Region Of Western New York.


Chris Fiels, Principal Dog Trainer At YourEveryDayK9, LLC, Grand Island, NY
Chris Fiels – YourEveryDayK9 Principal Dog Trainer

Welcome to

I am Chris Fiels, the founder and Principal Dog Trainer at YourEveryDayK9, LLC, a member of IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals). I work with dogs of all breeds and ages, to resolve any kind of issue that can be addressed with training.

Our program is built around today’s top dog training techniques mixed with traditional methods. We understand that each individual dog is absolutely unique, and we tailor our approach to training your dog(s) accordingly. Our mission is to create a balanced relationship between each dog and owner by using engagement exercises, advanced obedience training, and (most importantly) proper communication between owner and dog.

I was born into a household of four working German Shepherds in Buffalo, New York. As a very young child, I developed a different relationship with each dog, except for one of them – who never really bonded with me. My earliest memories include watching my father working with those dogs. And I could clearly see that all four dogs looked to my father for command, guidance, and affection.

At the age of 21, I took in a dog of my own, “Jago Axle”, a seven-week-old German Shepherd Puppy. After working privately with Tyler Muto, owner of K9 Connection (Buffalo, NY), I began to volunteer at his dog training facility. Using behavior modification techniques, Tyler and his staff put a tremendous amount of effort into teaching me as much about training dogs as they could.

When I moved to the west coast, I developed an avid interest in Sport Dog Training. Shortly after, I adopted an eight-month-old Dutch Shepherd from Sara and Jess, owners of Sonoma County Canine. My style of Dog Behavior Rehabilitation began to adopt techniques from the sport and working world of canines. Also, the difference between city/farm dogs and how they perceived the environment around them.

My abilities as a dog trainer continued to develop, and I am now the proud owner and Principal Dog Trainer of YourEveryDayK9 on Grand Island, NY.


YourEveryDayK9 Dog Training Services

I offer a broad range of dog training services, all designed to help you and your best friend enjoy the happy companionship that every dog and owner really want in their lives. Here is a list of my most popular services:

My Mission – is to create a balanced relationship between you and your dog. Your dog should be a companion ready to take on everyday roles side by side.

My Solution – is to provide easy training & communication techniques that will enable you to significantly improve your relationship with your dog(s).

If you have questions, or you’d just like to find out more about our training options for your dog(s) please Contact Me to schedule a visit to YourEveryDayK9, LLC, (Grand Island, NY). Or, we can make arrangements for me to visit your dog(s) in your home anywhere in the Buffalo – Niagara Region Of Western New York.


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